The revenue gathering streams of bastard freemasonry
Britannia waives the rules
She's always playing the joker

Consider the world as an island and a small group have taken control of that island through devious secretive scams.

Lets look at some of the lesser revenue streams that add to a massive mountain of fraud and corruption that circumnavigates the globe in an unending trail of greed. Plenty of dupes fall into the trap of believing the propaganda pumped out to justify the mass fleecing of the population. Parking is maybe one of the latest forms of freemason revenue gathering that comes under the guise that THEY have to keep our roads clear for OUR benefit. Look at the places you CANNOT park and see whether that is to keep the roads clear or to fleece the long suffering motorist?

When they instigated parking charges way way back the average charge for a fine if caught was less than a pound . Now they have jacked this up to 100's and if ignored 1,000's and even to the point were they can thieve your home to pay for their vast criminality. The instigators of these deceitful fines and charges are the local councils with chief executives all part of the masonic hierarchy who write their own personal salaries and who ultimately fund the freemasons through their wealth and through the malicious statutes that allow them to fleece with impunity.

In Britain they claim you need a myriad of documents to drive on the road. If you cannot produce those documents you can be heavily fined. So is the primary reason for having them to make the roads safer? When you look at just who manufactures the legislation that forces drivers to concede ever more money in keeping a car on the road legally and the cost of fines for daring to challenge the enormity of what that entails you can be sure the bastard freemasons are behind every last scam and NEVER to ensure safety but to ensure the lining of the pockets of the CROWN powers and their merry band of nasty little freemason thugs who enforce that legislation to line their bottomless coffers.

What is now becoming crystal clear is that virtually every government across the planet has their lackeys sitting in judgement and passing legislation under the guise of making us all safer when in reality, as would happen on an island, that small group are conspiring to make a killing from fleecing the dupes who believe these gangsters have their best interests at heart. These are the same bastards prepared to use public money into the trillions to buy the armaments that are used to murder the populations of any country that do not abide by their form of control.

But the ultimate fleecing, and one that regularly slips under the radar of their controlled media, is the mass fleecing of men due to divorce a multi trillion dollar industry. These bastards stick their chest out while stating they have given themselves the power to attack any man they see fit to fleece of their livelihoods under the guise that they are protecting the poor wee ex wife or partner of any man about to lose his home, assets and children through their judicial mafia .

Above are only a small selection of the global conspiracies that see freemasons fleece men under the guise of legislation whose only goal is to make these bastards richer while removing the power from men caught up in their fraud and corruption. How much longer do they think they can get away with these massive scams remains to be seen and as to how quickly the men, not part of their satanic network, can waken up to the reality that until their system is smashed men will continue to face the enormity of the damage inflicted on each and every one targeted by these evil bastards. If you don't think you have as yet just watch this space.

Their trail of destruction leads right to the door of the Dukey Kent the lead persecutor and spymaster operating on behalf of Britain's royal parasites and the biggest terrorists on this planet by far. But you would never guess so from reading their controlled media. Every last one of them charged with promoting gangsters as some sort of godly creatures the sheeple are primed to show deference to. Their island paradise is in fact a living hell for every last man caught up in their vicious global traps.