Why the BBC promote Twitter and Facebook
bbc spies Anyone who has ever crossed paths with a BBC reporter will know they are in bed with MI5. The BBC, as the mouthpiece for the British establishment and their freemason mafia, will openly audio record statements from victims NOT to publish them on their TV or radio shows but to forward to their spy friends at MI5.

Since the Ed Snowden revelations that Twitter, Google and Facebook have a none to cosy relationship with the American spy networks it comes as no surprise that in virtually every BBC program viewers are invited to contact the BBC via twitter or Facebook. For a publicly funded body to be promoting corporations is a national disgrace but to also encourage their viewers to use the very systems so closely connected with America's NSA and who have used those connections to spy on the personal thoughts of BBC viewers who wish to comment on potentially sensitive news items, makes the BBC complicit with the whole spying agenda.

We have spent many years exposing the lies and secrecy of the BBC, that some may not have agreed with, but with the ongoing revelations and the degree to which spying is taking place it does NOT require a rocket scientist to work out that BBC staff have effectively been pushing their viewers into the very hands of those networks prepared to pass on their private communications to America's spy chiefs for their dissertation.

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