The domestic violence ruse that's costing men trillions
There is hardly a couple on the planet that don't argue and fight during their marriage and yet that is what freemasons use as an excuse to seize the assets of men right across the globe. There are criminal laws to protect anyone who is genuinely being harmed and with a high standard of proof required to ensure anyone accused of violence can put their case before a jury.

However the zionist / freemasons who control the judges and lawyers running family courts for their own self enrichment don't bother with all those safeguards all they need is some hearsay evidence from a crooked lawyer on massive legal aid payments and the judge rubber stamps the removal of a man from his home, his children and his bank account.

The media, totally controlled by media lawyers, ensures a massive propaganda campaign on domestic violence continues on an endless loop to brainwash the sheeple into believing that any man robbed of his life deserves the punishment, while the satanic cult of freemasonry and its global patron Britain's royal parasite Queen Lizzie just keep getting richer on the back of maybe the most evil lies that are destroying and psychologically killing men far more than all their pseudo terrorist scams that are blinding the public from seeing a much bigger picture.

The BBC are the main purveyors of the feminist lies and filth that are being used to steal children away from the biological protection of their fathers with corrupt judges and lawyers manufacturing the legal machinations that then remove them into care homes where BBC predatory paedo's like Jimmy Savile can satisfy their perverted lust for already vulnerable children. The masonic cop mafia turn a blind eye to the massive establishment paedo network that has jewish lawyers like Greville Janner getting away with murder with the crown prosecution service refusing to charge and jail the homopaedo's who are responsible for manufacturing and enforcing the very laws children are being stolen under.

Sick and sinister how the British establishment, even to this day with the massive changes in technology, think they can STILL get away with their perversions and massive fraud and corruption indefinitely. The so called DV promoters (many politicians, lawyers and judges) are also voting for wars across the Middle East where women are being murdered in their millions. DV is a multi-billion dollar racket and the most lucrative scam on the planet to smear men and then the freemasons help themselves to their worldly possessions.

These evil bastards will, in time, face the wrath of the men they think they can destroy with impunity.

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  • Family courts hold the most drastic powers of any tribunal (and that's from a judge)