A correspondent has sent me an attachment with info on UK cases in the European Court of Human Rights.

I add my own experiences.

The ECtHR own '40 year Survey' (c1955-c1995, I think) shows that (apart from an odd Court Martial), not one single case complaining of a British judge has ever GOT to the ECtHR, much less been decided upon. They have all been declared 'Inadmissible' by the guard dogs who guard the entrance! So, if people ask my advice about going to the ECtHR I tell them, whatever you do, DON'T criticise a judge!

As a result of my own Article 6 case (Scarth v UK, 33745/96), the UK Government gave a solemn promise that they had taken steps to make certain that such a violation could not occur again. Another violation, exactly the same, DID happen to me again, not only violating Article 6, but breaking the very promise they had given to the ECtHR!

I took it all the way to the Appeal Court (as is required), where just one judge (can't remember her name) decided 'on the papers' that it was 'TOTALLY WITHOUT MERIT', the three words on which I have recently made comment. So, I took that case to the ECtHR (can't remember the number). Unfortunately the shysters who run that outfit are as corrupt as our own lot. They begrudge me that one success & are determined I will NEVER win another.

Despite the cast iron precedent of my previous case the guard dogs declared it 'INADMISSIBLE'! That gives you an idea of how widespread is the skulduggery we are up against.

Norman Scarth.

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