Cameron and Obama claim they want to CONFRONT evil
obama masonic sign

freemasons obama and cameron How about starting with themselves??????

Cameron has been behind the mass slaughter of the sick and disabled through psychological torture inflicted by their assassins ATOS and DWP.

Obama has been behind the NSA global spy network that includes MI5 and Mossad and all part of the global zionist / freemason mafia who are using freemasons embedded in the political and legal system's to do their dirty work in the Middle East and beyond.

Yes there is PURE evil in the world but as long as Obama and Cameron have their Friends of Israel to content, EVIL will continue to flourish and ANYONE who dares challenge them will be instantly classed as a terrorist. The world is waking up to who REALLY are the terrorists and far closer to home than some Middle East faction funded by the CIA and Israel to give the excuse to cause more chaos in the very regions that have the bulk of the world's oil and drugs.

The axis of EVIL that arsehole Bush used to constantly quote was in fact Israel, America and the UK who are at the forefront of mass murdering across the globe, and far more than all other claims of terrorist deaths worldwide