Google's fascist tendencies
What originally started as a GOOD idea, in the dim and distant past when search engine's were in there infancy, little would anyone have realised that the domination of how to find information would be turned into a very warped and devious affair. Not only has search findings been so vastly manipulated by the key player Google it is difficult to find an honest search without other criteria being more important than the initial request.

Google has turned into a corporation with corporate tendencies. It has also used search criteria to spy on and pass that information onto the likes of the NSA to divulge the most frivolous of search terms compiling them into some sort of user profile to decide how big a threat any one person is to the state or the mobsters who run the state for their own financial enlightenment. It also uses search terms to provide master marketing plans for the big boys prepared to indulge in Google's psychopathic tendencies that from its initial good intentions has turned into the biggest monster on the internet.

The fact the two main players at Google have zionist tendencies makes using Google all the more disturbing and none more so than when Google purchased Youtube and where vast swathes of video's, taken during the arab spring, disappeared as quickly as they were uploaded. We ourselves have to update our web pages to accommodate the speed at which video's are removed leaving huge amounts of dead links thanks to Google's ability to stifle dissent by activists adding them to Youtube and then removed for the most frivolous of reasons . Our own video's also face similar censorship and on many occasions have had to find alternative arrangements to counter Google / Youtube's determined efforts to thwart activists attempts to expose the true nature of what is going on presently across the globe.

Google has become a monolithic monster that only a mass exit to alternative search engines will reduce their ability to stifle the dissent that is necessary to expose their psychopathic friends embedded in key positions of power right across the globe, who suggest they have our best interests at heart that is so far from the truth and being aided and abetted by Google's domination of search and video results that cannot be allowed to continue.

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