Glenn Greenwald a nice jewish homosexual exposing government hacking or something else?
glenn greenwald glenn greenwald Glenn Greenwald and partner David Miranda at Rio de Janeiro airport , along with Bradley Manning that makes three homosexuals tied up with the spying revelations

The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald has taken centre stage as the mouthpiece for Ed Snowden . While Snowden is laid bare firstly in a Russian airport for weeks and then hidden in some gated community Greenwald has taken the moral high ground as spokesperson for Ed while acting as the moral guardian of the world exposing America's mass spying campaign. So is Greenwald's credentials sufficient to warrant the glory he is clearly getting from the exposures of others? By pointing his gun at America he takes away the heat of what his zionist friends in Israel are doing across the Middle East .

He also NEVER tells the full picture in that the Guardian along with every other newspaper published in Britain are controlled by media lawyers, for and behalf of the law society, and with a strict licencing system that the old freemason himself the Dukey Kent, for and on behalf of the royal parasites, ensures the reins are pulled in on any story they attempt to get out.

He also fails to point out that although the anonymous NSA and the UK's GCHQ are regularly featured as the culprits acting on the orders of the UK and USA political mafia's they are ALL bonded through freemasonry. Every last spy agency has its key players hand picked by the global masonic pariah and who ultimately are responsible for the indiscriminate abuse of technologies to gather information on anyone they seek to destroy. They also answer to the Israeli zionist supremacists who control freemasonry through their global network of spies like they do with Mossad only freemasonry allows them to control the goyim.

So Greenwald and the Guardian suggest they are exposing the powers that be when in fact much of it may be a smokescreen to divert attention from the real spymasters like the Duke of Kent who will know intimately every last one of the big wigs who run those spy networks, for and on behalf of the richest despot across the globe, and her merry band of masonic henchmen charged with gathering info on any and everyone they don't control via their satanic oath swearing and blackmail network.

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