chris grayling Never has the UK seen such vile political machinations than to watch a tory henchman being promoted despite being personally responsible for the deaths/murder of 32 victims a week while heading the evil policies of the DWP and offshoot ATOS to force the dying into seeking work while removing the pittance they get in benefits.

Britain has reached new depths when, despite even the complicit media exposing their crimes and death rates, Cameron gives his top henchman Chris 'Mengeles' Grayling a key position at the 'INJUSTICE' department. When other countries would be lynching someone for their murderous crimes the Eton tory toff decides in his wisdom that Grayling saved him having to pay those dying from life threatening illness any more cash instead Grayling allowed ATOS and the DWP to use psychological torture to ensure they didn't last long enough to collect their next benefit payment .

This has allowed millions of pounds to be freed up for the Tory scum to use come election time that they will pass off as more tax relief to their rich backers who already pay little tax but instead keep the bulk of their stolen wealth in bank vaults next to Cameron's and Osborne's offshore accounts that are already bulging with inherited wealth that their forefathers accumulated using the same dodgy tax machinations . That will ensure future generations of the ruling mafia can continue attacking the peasants who are blindly accepting that MURDER is a price worth paying to get the UK back on its feet, or so the sheeple are being led to believe.

Hitlers spirit is alive and well in the hallowed walls of Downing Street where MURDER INC. have now set up camp and only a mass wake up by the sheeple, who believe their bullshit, will see any change to the murder statistics that have rapidly accelerated since the tories and their partners in crime the Libcons have stealthily taken over control of the UK through dodgy electioneering.

P.S.They are now using the same psychological ploys on the dying as they have being doing for years to separated fathers with thousands losing their lives after the persecution instigated by the UK's murdering Crown judiciary, legal aid boards, cops, bailiffs and crooked lawyers.

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