International women's day 2013

women of the world Feminists like zionists ignore their own vile traits

You can hear them scream 'VICTIM' right across the globe on International Women's Day and once again they have a long list of gripes that women suffer from because of 'this' and 'that' and especially because of all of us bad men , the sad part is that feminists are blinded by their own dull light.

Feminists, like Israeli zionists, play the victim card to garner support they might not necessarily get due to inherent whinging that, rather than get up and doing something positive they endlessly complain that it should all flow directly to them for free. Palestine is constantly smeared by the zionist media to divert support to their oppressors sitting in Israel seeking the approval of the world as they initiate another bombing raid on Gaza. The feminists however seek to increase their wealth through no effort of their own by playing the golddiggers in family courts smearing men as their abusers and demanding that the freemason judge hand all of a man's worldly possessions to a scorned woman who feels its her right to plunder any man they have cajoled into mating with them to ensure they are kept in the lifestyle they think they deserve.

The freemasons pander to this nonsense as they themselves i.e. the lawyers and judges who have taken control of our courts require male patsies to take the fall for their crimes using feminist golddiggers as a means to an end and the excuses that endlessly flow from these poor wee 'hard done to' wimmin who have been treated so badly. If you look at the feminist movement there are few of them that would even consider working down coal mines, hanging off the bow of a ship, changing the tyres of an articulated lorry but they want EQUALITY .

That equality would be that they can pick and chose the least physical jobs while complaining that they aren't getting paid as well as the men who are required to provide the muscle to keep industry going. There are now far to many women across the globe that became millionaires on the back of family law supported by crooked lawyers and judges that have manipulated those laws to be heavily biased in favour of the feminist movement. There are many female lawyers who are deeply involved in setting up organisations like the vile 'WOMENS AID' primarily to give them maximum clout in courts and to ensure a ready supply of feminists and jack boot man hating lesbians only to happy to see men kicked in the balls while their sisters, aided and abetted by the legal mafia, are only to happy to help themselves to the family silver.

International Women's Day is not about celebrating women who are happy to collaborate with men in relationships and family but selfish bitches seeking to get as much out of mens hard earned toil through subterfuge and malicious use of the 'victim' card. Fortunately women themselves are waking up to these witches who masquerade as some sort of moral compass whose main aim is to teach all us 'FECKLESS' men how to treat a lady. When they themselves do not know what being a lady is all about in the first place. Men have been slow to waken up to their devious feminist ploys but not any longer.

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