Media run by homosexuals, feminists, freemasons and zionists
newspapers It will come as no surprise to heterosexual men who is behind mass media manipulation.

We see every day attempts by ALL of the above groups to use men as scapegoats to get positive discrimination into the psyche which then allows these various parties to leech off of the only section of society that provides the muscle and backbone for a country to prosper. It is a freemason / zionist controlled government that provides the incentives for these self interested groups while de-incentivizing men with all sorts of taxes and charges especially after divorce .

The media has a warped agenda when it comes to heterosexual men, the only time they provide positive stories is when men murder for the state in wars or when men work as police, jailors, civil servants, lawyers, judges, politicians and councillors. Mostly all other groups of men face negative discrimination in the media who smear us as wife beaters and abusers committing domestic violence on a daily basis , or what they class as violence even if we raise our voice to any member of our family to show our authority as the head of the household, that is prior to the wife walking out and using that nonsense to fleece her ex husband using courts run by freemason / zionist judges and lawyers 'Shout at your spouse lose your house.'

The public have been primed throughout print history to expect the fall of men not part of the satanic network that uses feminists and homosexuals as weapons to hammer men into an early grave. Social services are massively burgeoning with homosexuals and lesbian feminists only to happy to provide the ammo in family courts to destroy heterosexual men. For any man as yet to face draconian family courts is a lesson in surviving some of the most extreme psychological torture every meted out even during wars as those you may have loved only days earlier are now used by the state as weapons of mass destruction both sinister and deadly for men trying to survive financial ruin and decimation of their family. Only men who have experienced manufactured laws torturous outcomes know how they squeeze men dry to fund the golddiggers and their legal agents intent on leeching from the men who had previously been keeping a countries infrastructure on the move. We don't see many feminists / homosexuals lining up to replace the wheel of an articulated lorry they ONLY want equality if its a cushy office job but anything manual they will happily leave heterosexual men to do without complaint.

We are also seeing feminist / lawyers using the law to suppress sexual content aimed at men being closed down and blamed for men being violent towards women while male stripping is on the rise with no similar protesting from feminists. Any man who allows his wife to become part of the roaming predatory female gangs going to Chippendale shows deserves to be treated like a mouse with jack boot lesbians manipulating role reversal within the family. Freemason judges only to happy to provide the judgements (never juries) alienating non mason men as not worthy of any form of protection from THEIR laws manufactured by an evil cabal only interested in self enrichment from the vast fleecing of heterosexual men. Meantime satisfying their partners in crime the feminist thinking golddiggers who want wealth, not from hard graft, but from playing the victim card leading to the massive divorce settlements their crooked lawyer pals on endless legal aid can muster, manipulating laws heavily weighted in favour of feminists and enormously against protecting heterosexual men .

There are millions of men wallowing in fleapits thanks to the sinister interactions of these evil bastards that we intend to endlessly expose and to counter the methods used to destroy heterosexual men on a daily basis.

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