Fear of homelessness: How freemasons control
When you control the world's properties its easy to manipulate society into doing your bidding.

Despite endless exposures across the internet there are still millions of dupes unaware of how fragile their lives are thanks to a satanic cult pulling all the strings behind the scenes. For men, keeping a roof over their heads has become increasingly difficult as the gangsters controlling the economy exert ever more pressure on the grand theft of properties right across the planet.

As property becomes the major asset ahead of oil and gold the freemason mafia continue to rub their hands as the system they created becomes an easy way of manipulating men onto the streets . Those men deluded into believing they had ownership thanks to the media propaganda that bleats on endlessly about the positive aspects of OWNING your own home.

However as many men, who have been dragged through the legal gauntlet will already know, the ultimate goal is the theft of the very home that provides the necessary protection against the rigors of life and leaves men, NOT part of this cult, in the most vulnerable of circumstances. When that cult is intent on possessing (satanically) all the wealth of the planet there is no end to the lengths they will go to carry out their debauchery.

As a group who have interviewed, assisted and analyzed homelessness on the streets of many countries over decades, and with our own personal experiences of that homeless threat, we are well aware of the forces that lead to the plunder of mens estates that are propping up the masonic coffers providing a much richer power base for these evil bastards to operate within.

Men of all ages, but especially the young need to take much more heed of the warnings or they might find themselves facing a similar fate to the millions of men already stripped of their lifes work in an instant and at the stroke of a masonic judges solitary pen. Its not the pseudo terrorists killing men en masse but a system that financially and psychologically is pushing those men, made vulnerable by a corrupt system into an early grave, prior to being made homeless and penniless.