Further to the death of activist Patrick Cullinane
As friends and fellow activists we have known Patrick for decades and not only spent many hours discussing issues directly with him but also over the phone and kept up to date with what he was doing by email.

We have also made video's of Patrick over the years in a number of protests in London and outside London's Royal Courts of INjustice and also at the Houses of Parliament . He was a dedicated and passionate activist who, apart from his own battles with the legal mafia, also helped many victims to deal with the oppressive regime that operates within the courts across the UK. He was a true 'THORN IN THE SIDE' of those who psychologically torture victims of the British legal system every day in those courts.

Going by what his friends have stated, who instigated the calls to alert the authorities when Patrick had not been seen for some days, gave the impression those responsible for ensuring Patrick's welfare was being properly taken care of seemed extremely lax, in particular how the police reacted both, during finding Patrick, and getting the correct medical attention to ensure everything could be done to save his life. Their attitude to his friends genuinely concerned for his welfare was atrocious and typical of the gangsters acting as law enforcement and was quite blatant in the phone call made to them during a radio phone in.

We hope some sort of inquiry can be made into how police handle such sensitivity when family members may not be in the same country of the person who has passed away and close friends want to do their best to ensure medically everything was being done to protect their life. That we believe did not happen and another major concern for everyone involved in actively exposing the structures that Patrick so ably was exposing on a regular basis.

We know those same gangsters would not be pulling out all the stops to ensure Patrick's welfare was being treated as important as those they protect. Patrick may well still be alive today if it was not for HER MAJESTIES Revenue and Customs who literally destroyed his life over their MISTAKES that placed enormous pressure on him during a very traumatic period of his life . A COMMON trait that HMRC have been getting away with for decades.

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