The BBC has proven time and again they can take a talentless nonentity and create a superstar. Predatory paedo Jimmy Savile, who was protected by the BBC head honcho's for over 40 years while he busily abused 1000's of children, had little talent . He was thrust onto the general public, despite looking and acting like a bloody pervert ,and on close inspection of his very limited attributes the only two that stand out are the inordinate amount of time he spent kissing the Royal arse and his political leader vile tory Margaret Thatcher. Savile was a working class mouthpiece for the establishment as the peasants were sick of hearing the BBC snobs reading the news and presenting their programs so they had to bring in some working class HERO's or at least create them for the long suffering public.

Savile was hoisted onto a monopolistic platform when the BBC and only the BBC could get a licence to produce TV programs and with little or no competition nonentities and creeps like Savile could become stars on the back of very little talent. The modern day version of Savile is Simon Cowell a zionist leaning nonentity who has been hoisted onto the public using talent shows and where Cowell himself shows very little talent other than to slate his victims who show varying degrees of mental health problems and who shouldn't be being used by Cowell as scapegoats for his ego.

However the main purpose of the mainstream media was to take the real talentless bastards and despots like the British royal family, who show no apparent talent other than being the sprogs of some of the most vile murdering scum and filth on the planet and raise them onto platforms that glorify them , as is the case with Cowell's Britains Got Talent in that the top prize is to perform in front of the royal parasite herself.

The hero's that are being foisted on the sheeple are NOTHING of the kind but establishment puppets and the establishment themselves who follow the propaganda ensuring they are kept in glass cages and ivory towers and who expect the public to show undying deference. Well that was until the internet came along and exposed the utter madness that sees sick and twisted psychopaths being promoted for public consumption and mass brainwashing by their press baron buddies

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