Russell Brand
Russell Brand There is nothing worse than watching the mass media attack anyone who is a genuinely GREAT guy. The latest to be attacked is Russell Brand who DARES to speak on behalf of the downtrodden and has upset many of the rich press barons who hate to see a working class boy getting a platform and who has the audacity to stand up for those least able to defend themselves.

Our personal experience of Russell was through his Channel 4 appearances and we saw a sensitive eloquent man who despite a nightmarish childhood used his unique talent to provide him with the fame and fortune he well deserves. For scum like Harmsworth's Daily Rat to attack him today shows that the powerful voice he provides doesn't go down well with bastards whose only talent is to live off a vast inheritance while kissing the royal arse and providing HATE campaigns against the poorest sections of society.

Russell deserves every penny of his money due to his hard work so he can afford to live a decent life if people are prepared to pay to see him perform. No one should envy someone with a unique talent that doesn't forget his roots and he DOESN'T push his wealth down the throat of the public. While many comedians live of off bullying an audience Russell has a way of poking fun at an audience without them ever feeling under attack we have seen this time and again during his warm up before his Channel 4 shows and before his Hollywood break.

Read his extensive article here that has caused so much anger from the complicit media who hate to see a working class boy with the wealth, power and platform to stand up for the underdog. He does that in the best possible way for us all.

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