Zionist freemason global stasi spy network
America's NSA and Britain's GCHQ have been trying to justify mass surveillance under the guise that we are ALL at risk of terrorist attacks. Or at least from those THEY brand as terrorists for showing any form of dissent against the BIGGEST global terrorist threat, controlled by the British Royals via their loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent for and on behalf of the Israeli supremacists, using the secret society network to blackmail and corrupt literally every major political and legal system across the planet. BUT NOT as yet in the muslim controlled nations and Germany has been resisting efforts to impose that control and why the NSA has spent so much time spying on their leaders.

The five million plus army of Royal parasitic gophers embedded right across the globe in most of the major power centres are behind the manufacturing of pseudo terrorism to justify the mass spying and control they are exerting in every region of the world .

That is to primarily line the pockets of the royal mafia and their lackeys using a global system of law that they have manufactured to ensure EVERYTHING flows to them . The main ploy above all else is the total global monopoly on property, land and business that is easily stolen back after billions of dupes have fallen into the trap of thinking they have bought into OWNING something.

The biggest terrorist racket by far is the ease with which the global terrorist group of the law society can help themselves to the very homes they sell to the dupes using a myriad of legal machinations while they bombard us with all sorts of phony war scenario's that allows them to hide behind a facade of terrorist threats that they themselves create using bogeymen who allow the gutter press to direct attention away of what they are getting up to . A massive multi trillion dollar fraud against the men of the world who are NOT part of their creepy satanic den of inequity. Do NOT be fooled by the distractions as they go about their business of stripping men en masse in the biggest crime wave ever carried out across this planet.

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