A letter to the Daily Racket over man's suicide
dmitriy kanarikov to:reporters@dailyrecord.co.uk

We take SERIOUS offence to your tawdry rag suggesting a father is twisted when he commits suicide and takes his son.


"A TWISTED dad threw his three-year-old son off the roof of a skyscraper before leaping to his death."

The reality is that the freemasons running the courts and who also control this evil rag psychologically torture fathers to the point that they want to end their lives and unfortunately the father in this case took his son with him. We know the speculative society, the elitist arm of the freemason mafia in Scotland, use the vile gutter press to justify the mass murder of men while thieving their life's work but most especially their children. This evil rag, controlled by media lawyers, distorts the view that a man has been psychologically tortured in family courts to the point were he wanted to end it all and you psychopaths at this rag think he is twisted???????

If the same thing had happened to a mother you would NOT be using the same intemperate language as sympathy is always garnered for a mother who acts in a deranged way. We know who is behind the Daily Record's editorial and know the connections to the SPEC. We will also make sure the global network of men are aware that your gutter rag thinks it's acceptable, with little knowledge of the background to the case , to class this suicidal man as twisted. He clearly was in urgent need of medical attention for his mental health but instead he was pushed to his death by the scum and filth that control family courts and the custody battles that ensue and that make trillions for the lawyers behind those battles and who also happen to control the gutter press that write this shit.