Decent compassionate British citizens won't tolerate anymore evil tory murder and mayhem

For those still shocked to find that a bunch of murdering gangsters have been voted back into power the reality is clear that British democracy is dead if it allows the most vile mobsters on this planet to continue their reign of terror against the weak and vulnerable and only an all out class war can ultimately save those who will be destroyed by a tory onslaught.

Decent people can no longer sit back and watch the horrendous damage being done to large sections of society for the sole purpose of appeasing an ideological bunch of gangsters hell bent on attacking those who don't have the power and wealth to stand up for themselves only to see their lives decimated by cruel and heartless political machinations by the utter dregs of society.

We are asked to vote every 5 years as if that will allow a political system to flourish that will ensure every last person is treated with common decency and respect instead we get a bunch of cruel, heartless and murdering bastards as if that will lead to some semblence of decency. Decent British citizens can no longer accept a system of power and control that simply cannot and will not fulfil their obligation to ensure ALL sections of society prosper, not just a clique of self serving deviants who continue to turn a blind eye to the mass slaughter of its people to satisfy the greed of an elite few that cares not a jot about the long term effects on society as a whole.

It is inevitable, as has happened in countries elsewhere, that this cannot go on and no amount of oppression of the people under a tory boot can continue without a united front to block all their political machinations that will ruin peoples lives without a fight against evil and the ruthless murder of its citizens. This may be the biggest fight against a ruling establishment the UK has every been forced to take but GOOD always wins over EVIL and no decent person can allow that EVIL to flourish anymore under the toxic cloud the tory gangsters will once again bring to the peasants of Britain. England is looking more like Nazi Germany every day as extreme fascist tendencies are taking over as some sort of moral guardian of the people.

More victims are going to die in this war so make sure it isn't YOU or those facing mass execution from the psychological and financial torture the tories are expert at inducing in the popualtion. England is becoming a rogue state like zionist Israel where a regime has been voted in that manufactured the Gaza holocaust. England is going down the same route of allowing the mass murder of its population and THAT CANNOT CONTINUE while decent people stand by and look on.

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