Is 'FUCK GOOGLE' the most ungoogleable phrase?

The word "ungoogleable" is in the headlines after a dispute between the search engine giant and Sweden's language watchdog. The Language Council of Sweden wanted to include "ungoogleable" - or "ogooglebar" - in its annual list of new Swedish words. But it defined the term as something that cannot be found with any search engine.

However we proved long ago that comparing searches for 'FUCK GOOGLE' on yahoo, bing and others returned millions of hits but NONE on Google. Anything anti-google or attacking Google's very dodgy data collecting spy network will lead to massive distortions in GOOGLE'S supposed faultless algorithms.

Having been highly critical of Google can lead to very important news being buried by Google to protect their reputation rather than accurately provide an unbiased search result. Google and Youtube have become increasingly censors of the internet, rather than at the outset a decent search engine. Like all other media multi-nationals Google now distorts and manufactures search results that lean heavily in favour of the global agenda of the self appointed elite and far less on providing search results pointing towards the truth .

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