Election 2015: 'Abuse of men for profit' political parties
Britain's media are in full swing in the run up to an election.

Like America the only political parties being promoted are the 'ABUSE OF MEN FOR PROFIT PARTIES' as the editors and owners of the major corporate newspapers are part of the zionist / freemason cult with ulterior motives to ensure the New World Order direction continues unabated with radical feminist and homosexual agenda's part of their plans to curtail working class heterosexual male power.

The dictators of this world know it is the strength of heterosexual men that have brought down these evil bastards throughout history and why they take such efforts to use their media goons to demean and smear men at every opportunity to protect their own wealth and power created on the backs of their masonic satanic control network.

The 'ABUSE OF MEN FOR PROFIT PARTIES' have a clear agenda that is reflected in how the whole media circus is geared to ignoring their crimes and the crimes of radical feminists and homosexuals with selective news reporting that fails time and again to expose criminality from many quarters but concentrates primarily on the criminal conduct of working class men, giving the illusion that crimes are ONLY ever committed by that group while the rest hide behind the facade of unbiased news reporting at least from their very warped perspective.

There are many political parties operating across the UK but you will seldom if ever see them getting the platforms they need to access public opinion. The mass media have carefully crafted news and opinion polls that only promote 'ABUSE OF MEN FOR PROFIT PARTIES' at the utter expense of lesser parties and to the dire consequences of men who will continue to be berated by the same corporate media that distorts and lies its way through the promotion of the dictatorship that masquerades as democracy in the UK. The political goons that have held power throughout history have consistently protected the establishment rich at the utter expense of the poor and working classes and despite their attempts to suggest we have CHOICE the same 'ABUSE OF MEN FOR PROFIT PARTIES' consistently fail the majority of the population yet WE GET LITTLE OR NO CHOICE.

The browbeaten and brainwashed British public need to know what lies behind this agenda. Without a strong heterosexual population the dictators will continue their tyranny and why men are being weakened financially , spiritually and psychologically in divorce courts where the real powers of the masonic judiciary kicks in. That is where the tyrants and royal thugs create the atmosphere for tyrants to flourish backed up by the 'ABUSE OF MEN FOR PROFIT PARTIES' . Those parties proven to be controlled and funded by the Rothschilds pulling their strings behind the scenes.

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