Airlines so obsessed with terrorism they forgot their own employees were a risk
Just like the political, legal and media mafia's lunacy over everything regarding terrorist threats the airline companies and manufacturers have shown a scant regard for the mindset of the pilots who fly jets with hundreds of passengers unaware of the FATAL flaws built into a system, supposedly to protect the public, but making it much easier for a rogue pilot to murder en masse .

We hear endless propaganda about the safety of flying and its track record yet once again the supposed multiple back up safety systems have failed again and an enormous hole in their security has been exposed with 150 dying thanks to a total lack of understanding as to why a single individual can wrestle a plane from its flight course and point it in the direction of the nearest mountain.

This is NOT the first airline to crash thanks to pilot suicide as MH370 had a similar outcome as well as an Egyptair flight where the captain crashed the plane into the ground. The lunatics really are running the asylum when obsessive theorising about plane safety disregards fundamental principles of looking at a much bigger picture and that their own staff may be a much greater risk than any so called terrorist.

One other massive problem with airline safety is how freemasonry impacts on how the legal system generates the legal structures of plane safety and how a blind eye can be turned by major plane operators with freemasons on their board who want to cut corners and who won't face the repercussions if accidents occur. If a predatory paedo like the BBC's Jimmy Savile can get away with abuse for decades while the legal system turns a blind eye the same can be said about the operations of a major airline company happy to save money at the expense of safety knowing that their brothers will be sitting in judgement on who is responsible for the colossal damage and the lives lost.

That may be an even more daunting prospect to address than the rogue pilots who, suffering from mental health issues, may not be fit to take charge of a plane filled with 100's of passengers unaware of the regime in charge of regulating that industry . Or the fact that a pilot suffering mental health problems who might be a freemason could be allowed to continue flying thanks to his employer turning a blind eye to his medical condition. The authorities allowed mass murderer Anders Behrin Breivik a freemason in Norway to have a huge stash of weapons before he shot dead 77 people.

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