cameron and obama freemasons

cameron clegg miliband

The zionist / freemasons are fucking with us politically by controlling the existing government lackeys and the ALTERNATIVE. It's crystal clear in both the UK and USA, whose political systems are totally dominated by Israeli supremacists via freemasonry on both sides of the political fence.

In the UK the zionists are no longer disguising the fact, in that Cameron a right leaning zionist and Miliband a left leaning zionist are supposed to represent different political spectrums or each give that impression when in opposition but both represent parties that have heavy allegiances to Israel with their 'FRIENDS OF ISRAEL' factions. However when they get into power they carry on pushing through legislation that always favours their wealthy freemason/zionist backers leaving the peasants with the clear impression that this form of democracy is an utter joke and with a media hell bent on ONLY giving platforms to the political parties that are condoned by the Royal parasite and her merry band of masonic henchmen. They ALWAYS must be blackmailable and will kiss the royal arse at every opportunity and in no way represents the will of the people who are usually pushed down a road by the media propaganda that seldom provides any REAL political alternative.

Until the sheeple waken up to the fact that neither side, despite being given many chances to prove they are in fact working for the peasants, are EVER going to ensure a level of equality with the spread of wealth getting to all sections of society while sinister dark forces remain in control of countries broken by an evil agenda. Only an urgent demand for change will improve a vile form of politics and its machinations where the sheeple believe they have some sort of choice even though the horses (donkeys) running the race all have the same owner.