Lunatics running America's asylum
obama snowden Who is the REAL traitor Ed Snowden or Obama?

The ruling mafia in America claim Ed Snowden is doing irreparable damage to American interests and have declared him a traitor. But it 's the scumbags running America that are being exposed as implicated in a worldwide spy network with their global friends and allies like the UK and Germany aiding and abetting them and the real reason as to how the rest of the world views America .

Also the multi national data spies like Google, Facebook and Twitter only to happy to hand over ALL our personal data to the freemasons in charge of these dirty spy networks while distracting us all with what's going on in Syria.

As IF the UK and USA governments have the moral high ground when justifying their devious and dangerous methods of control. That is for and on behalf of the global super rich pulling the strings via freemasonry and zionism to ensure loyalty using their global blackmail network that curtails any of their duped goons from deviating from a ruthless murderous agenda. While the sheeple continue to consume the bullshit that passes as news the satanic henchmen for a global power elite continue getting away with murder thanks to the thousands of distractions that never quite get to the bottom of who and what is controlling the murder and mayhem that keeps us under their thumb / boot and who they think will provide ORDER out of CHAOS.

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