austerity cameron

Lets get ONE fact straight right now there is absolutely no shortage of money anywhere across the globe. There are not only far more millionaires, but many millionaires are transforming themselves into billionaires and trillionaires thanks to a globally manufactured lie that somehow money has disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Go to any city in any country and the rich are still living in vast opulence, the only difference is that the peasants, these bastards rely on for the menial tasks that keep them in the lifestyles they think they deserve, are now living in utter poverty. Most of the uber rich OWN or are shareholders in most of the compliant media's who have heavily reinforced the message generated by a self appointed mega class that there is little or no money. That lie has been perpetrated endlessly to create fear in the peasantry trying to survive the rigors of those shock waves as money for the peasants dries up while it flows in vast rivers into the coffers of the evil bastards who are telling us its all gone.

Its gone alright into the offshore tax havens and exotic islands were the rich concentrate when the heat goes up in the countries that have been devastated by the manipulation of the financial systems heavily weighted in favour of an establishment elite who have long histories of manipulating the money systems to their massive advantage. The tory party is full of vile toffs who got their wealth from inheritance and why they have such a pathological hatred of the peasants and any lesser mortals who don't have bank accounts stuffed full of money from the ill gotten gains of their nasty fascist forefathers.

  • The gap between the royal palace and slums is as wide as ever