Holocaust fest on BBC breakfast this morning

Anyone who watched BBC Breakfast this morning would be noting that more than 50% of the time on air was dedicated to the Holocaust, conveniently 70 years ago and just as mounting pressure is being centred on the zionist Israeli murdering gangsters now up for criminal war crimes at the International Criminal Court (we will wait and see the outcome from that DEN of iniquity). Its a pity the BBC were not as vigilant exposing the paedo's in their midst, the Israeli zionist mafia operating inside the BBC (via head honcho Danny Cohen) who deliberately downplay the GAZA holocaust survivors who time and again, after each blitz by Israeli mass murderers, seem to get away with , by the West's media anyway , as if it was a minor skirmish and not the total obliteration of the infrastructure of Gaza that their people depend on.

The Bitch Broadcasting Cunts also pump out the most VILE man hating feminazi shite to allow the zionist / freemasons who control Britain's courts to line their pockets with the spoils of men who face the divorce holocaust where most of the legislation has been conjured up by the likes of jewish lawyer and Thatcher henchman Leon Brittan who it is claimed was part of a homopaedo network abusing and murdering young boys at a sordid Westminster paedo ring in London.

The BBC are a monster using our licence money to get away with MURDER. Presenting issues clearly to distort news and divert the attention of the sheeple away from those behind the most vile persecution campaigns on the planet. They are an evil blot on the landscape, not only in Britain, but across the rest of the world where there sordid psychopathic programs are brainwashing the sheeple overseas who think the sun shines from the royal arse thanks to the most horrific sickly sweet deference and veneration shown to the biggest gangsters on the planet.

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  • 'Sex slave' lawyers to serve papers on royal parasite at Washington embassy after claiming he refused to accept letter asking to testify on oath
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