BBC relegate men to talking about one subject
bbc queen

Anyone who watches BBC breakfast to find out what the latest propaganda is being pumped out by the royalist/feminist/masonic/zionist lackeys will not have failed to notice how the BBC go out of their way to ensure MEN at every turn are tarred with the same abusing brush . Men are relegated to talk about one subject sport , with even the sports presenters now women. A women dominated editorial ensures the royalist/feminist/masonic/zionist bullshit agenda is strictly adhered to and at no time are MEN to be classed as anything but the brutes that need kept in their place by the freemason system of protecting their own while oppressing the men who have to tolerate the masonic menace.

Women are wheeled on to discuss every topic under the sun and what their feminist views are while men sit on the sidelines merely spectators as everything women is seen as important and everything else relating to men , apart from sport, is seen as irrelevant. The BBC has been highjacked by a monstrous evil psychopathic madness that even their former presenters regularly attack but no one is listening at the BBC as they are to busy protecting their paedo rings headed by Jimmy Savile and that is despite dozens of their former presenters now being jailed for the long term abuse of the innocent children lured into the evil dens of satanic brainwashing.

The only men who are wheeled on and worshipped as hero's are those who kill for the British murdering state or are part of the political, police and legal structures who are used to chain and enslave men not part of their creepy masonic mafia. The main licence payers are men yet they are having to tolerate the most despicable smear campaigns generated by the psychotic radical feminists charged with ensuring freemasons always have an excuse to relieve men of their life's work .

That is the main purpose of the Bully Boy Corporation and why given time they will fall on the very swords that they have wielded so ruthlessly against the men caught up in the legal machinations that remain unexposed thanks to the BBC's media lawyers who ensure the biggest crime syndicate on the planet are NEVER reported as the main terrorist threat to all men facing the vast criminality that endures thanks to the BBC's vile propaganda machine.


  • One more BBC royal arse kissing paedo TV presenter Rolf Harris charged with three further sex offences including indecent assault on seven-year-old girl