A list of their obsessions could start with sport, present wars , past wars, royals and smearing men . The paedo protecting BBC is run by psychopaths especially the ranting feminist mob that have taken over the running of the news editorial including zionist leaning Danny Cohen. They are totally and utterly obsessed with wars past and present and hardly a day goes by that they don't remind us of some war drummed into the psyche to suggest they had been carried out to set us FREE, or at least what their interpretation of 'FREE' is supposed to be and not under the control of a royalist regime and her foot soldiers the creepy satanic freemason henchmen who get away with persecution in relative secrecy . Few of those targeted get access to the media to expose how that persecution operates.

The BBC employed vile predatory paedo's like Jimmy Savile to endlessly promote the royal parasite's despite long history's of child abuse and demands the question just who is in charge of a public broadcaster bought and paid for by the long suffering British public ? They assume ALL men are as obsessed with sport as they are themselves or at least they use sport to distract men from how they are being targeted by the crown and its judicial mafia for their entire estates. SPORT is NOT news and no matter how often they wheel BBC management on to justify endless sports reviews, large swathes of Britain don't want or need to hear another banal description of a grown man kicking a bit of leather into the back of a net as if that is the most important thing to men while women are wheeled on endlessly to smear men as the abusers of women and children and the same sport they promote is used as the supposed instigator of domestic abuse. A hypocritical system were the BBC promote the very sports that they themselves claim produce violent attacks on women and children.

There are violent men as there are violent women however the BBC greatly exaggerate men's violence while reporting of women murderers are kept to a very minimum. Why would the BBC do that? They are controlled by the law society and judges who require endless excuses to remove men from their homes, children and estates while painting women , who they use to attack men in divorce courts, as sickly sweet and ALWAYS the victims of mens violence. The same evil bastards that generate this propaganda only to happy to support wars that murder millions of women and children en masse.

The BBC and the recent exposures of abusers Jimmy Savile, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis, Jimmy Tarbuck, John Peel among others show a public broadcaster getting away with murder and being allowed to manipulate the population using sinister psychological programming using presenters with a long history of abuse and who are blackmailable ensuring they stick to the masonic agenda that the BBC was set up to protect, that is the royals and their henchmen at ALL cost.

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