BBC now run almost entirely by feminist psycho's
We have been watching the massive plunge into depravity the BBC has taken when exposed as a predatory paedo protector. Jimmy Savile and a bunch of sick paedo's have been sheltered within the confines of a secretive organisation funded by the public yet instead produce some of the most vile warped interpretations of news anywhere across the globe. We ourselves have struggled to get them to answer Freedom of Information requests while they THINK they are above the law on these matters.

Their main function seems to be to provide the royalist propaganda that elevates the royals to global superstar status despite their only claim to fame being the descendants of mass murderers and thieves. However when it comes to reporting news they are so pathologically driven that they seldom report crimes committed by a female, especially murder . If they do they usual add that some MAN or group of EVIL men have put them into positions to commit those crimes.

We report regularly about the female murderers and child murderers that seldom reach the main national news on the BBC and on the rare occasion they do report these they usually add the fact that the woman in question has underlying psychiatric problems, especially if its the children that have been murdered. Yet if any of the above crimes were committed by a man the rabid man hating feminist streak comes out and every word that can describe that man in the most evil way is used to ensure MEN and only men are viewed as the main instigators of criminal acts including murder , while women are always coerced or have mental health problems .

The BBC are now in a shocking state and no one can possibly believe the bullshit they now manufacture especially after protecting Jimmy Savile and his associates who for over 50 years committed the most heinous crimes against children while the BBC protected his name and in turn their name from the exposures now coming out since his death, when they reported him as some sort of HERO and legend. The sick psychopaths running this outfit need jailed for their part, not only in the crimes of their vile presenters, but for the manufacturing of the smear campaigns (domestic violence) aimed at targeting males that in turn prop up the masonic tyranny going on in civil courts the length and breadth of the UK and where men are being fleeced in their millions and for millions while their children are stolen into care homes to feed their sick perverted employees. How much longer can the delusional rabid feminists get away with this gross abuse of public money for their own vile propaganda ?


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