BBC plays the victim card for three nasty regimes

Zionists claim they are victims of the worldwide goyim
Feminists / lesbians claim they are victims of heterosexual men
Homosexuals claim they are victims of heterosexual men

The very warped agenda of the BBC can be seen clearly in the above three examples. Those at the very top of the BBC controlling its output are freemasons, zionists, feminists and homosexuals in some cases a multi faceted conglomerate of the above pushing a very twisted agenda that continually blames heterosexual men for their psychopathic view that they are ALL victims.

What VICTIM status does is allow the establishment to claim power and control over those the BBC accuse of being the instigators of a three victim network of ranting lunatics that the freemason / zionists will happily fulfill as the overlords making tyrannical laws that strip men of their lives.

Victim status promoted by the BBC gives these three special interest groups priority over virtually everything men require to sustain a decent quality of life. The masonic scum who want control of ALL men not part of their creepy satanic cult use victim hood as an excuse to rob and persecute men while lining their evil masonic coffers with trillions stolen from men unaware of the complicity of these groups given platforms regularly on the BBC.

Very few get a platform to counter their devious tendencies that are blatantly obvious as an establishment propaganda machine that has seen children en masse being stolen into care homes to satisfy the paedo network inside the BBC that was headed by top masonic satanist Jimmy Savile. The same evil bastard that ranted endlessly about the royal parasites at every opportunity on his BBC pulpit.

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