American cops killing en masse being used to trigger black revolt?

If one victim dies at the hand's of cop assassins that is bad enough but with the mountain of cop killings across America, and with seemingly little effort by the Obama administration to do anything about it, there seems only one conclusion. How long will it take before the oppressed communities rise up against a killing machine that seems to be getting away with murder with total impunity?

Lawyer Obama endlessly rants on about the rule of law yet when it comes to the mass killing of USA citizens for the most frivolous of reasons that RULE OF LAW flies out of the window and the excuse that the cops are only doing their job is used to try and justify the assassination of anyone who crosses their paths for the most trivial of reasons.

When you have a group of murdering bigoted thugs charged with policing in any society that is the road to tyranny and the American public are being cajoled into reacting that can only lead down the road to civil war when those charged with keeping the peace are instead on a mass murder rampage only to happy to take out anyone who does not accept the oppression that has come from the massive inequality that is the hallmark of America's land of the free.

It seems the USA's bullying across the globe has now been set loose on its own people and unless they rise up how many more lives will be lost to the psychopaths in charge before stability can be returned to a madness that has gotten completely out of control?

  • Unarmed People of Color Killed by Police, 1999-2014