boston explosion No sooner have the bombs gone off in Boston than Obama chest fully extended, like Bush during 9/11, takes center stage issuing a warning that the perpetrators will be caught. Erm the real perpetrators or the group / country / regime that America has had its eye on for regime change or for not following the western masonic / banking / oil agenda ?

There is never a better time to gather the sheeple for a mass brainwashing exercise than when they feel threatened , if not by some supposedly deranged dictator in the Middle East or a bomb going off closer to home. Fear and the constant need for fear assures the real powers behind the western leaders can come forward as the guardians of peace and security . Forgetting the fact that America is implicated in triggering more wars across the globe and incarcerates more of its people than any other country on earth, even more than some of the so called junta's that America is always looking for an excuse to target.

Once again the controlled media en masse report as required by the government ensuring the sheeple view them as the safeguarders of justice who will weed out the perpetrators and see their form of justice being done. Meanwhile all the real gangsters can get on with the vast raiding of the planet protected by endless smokescreens created by some of the sickest, weirdest and most evil bastards with the sheeple being set up for slaughter by the psychopaths of death.