Butler Sloss exposed by along with freemason judges House of Lords 3 March 2010 VIDEO

  • Establishment having a laugh putting establishment lackey Butler Sloss in to head abuse inquiry (She was head of the family court judicial mafia when thousands of children were put into homes only to be abused)
  • Butler Sloss biography as head of Britain's judicial mafia
  • 'Conflict of interest' raised over Butler-Sloss role in child abuse inquiry (Brother behind previous cover up)
  • 'I won't quit', says former head of Britain's judicial mafia on sex abuse inquiry after brother is linked to homopaedo cover-up she is investigating
  • Butler Sloss has a family history of establishment cover ups of homopaedo abusers(VIDEO)
  • Butler-Sloss sister of the Attorney General who helped bury the Dickens Dossiers and closed down the investigation into Elm Guest House, to chair abuse inquiry??
  • ‘Tainted’ peer Butler Sloss in homopaedo cover-up review refuses to quit