Election 2015: David Cameron A Licence to Kill

England looking more like Nazi Germany every day

It is inconceivable that a nation that has been ruled over for five years by a political party responsible for the deaths of thousands of its citizens would , come election time, increase its vote. But that is what has happened in England, mass murderers using an alternative to gas ovens to kill its vulnerable citizens with psychological and financial torture are seemingly voted back into power by what can only be described as self centred psychopathic voters only interested in their own greed while ignoring the mounting stats of thousands, with over a million now using food banks.

It is not, as happened during the Thatcher reign, the main fault of the tory scum and filth but their followers who remain loyal to the most far right wing extremes of politics Britain has ever witnessed. The elderly are dying in care homes through lack of regulation , dying of the cold because they can't heat their homes. The disabled are dying in care homes and massively abused with little regulation and dying due to draconian cuts . Sanctions have been used against the unemployed and terminally ill to stop the pittance of welfare that has seen many taking their lives rather than continue being persecuted by a political party that would make the Gestapo look like angels.

England really is a country filled with not only a nasty vile party but a nasty vile people prepared to ignore the suffering and deaths of their fellow citizens instead only interested in what they can get out of a system of a supposed democracy that no longer speaks for the working classes. But the zionists got their day as no matter whether Labour or Tory got in either one the Friends of Israel zionists would always ensure Israel and not British citizens got priority when it came to their vile policies.

  • Despite the UN claims that the tory government were guilty of grave and systemic abuse against the disabled they get voted back in to power(VIDEO)
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  • Zionists congratulate Cameron election win with his Friends of Israel