Capitalist system depends on property theft to advance an agenda

When are home OWNERS going to waken up to that fact they actually own bugger all? When are the dreamers who arrogantly think they are better than the common herd because they THINK they own land or property going to waken up? London more than anywhere else shows the massive disparity between the peasants forced to live on sink estates and those living in mansions who assume they OWN those palatial homes?

Banks, who once used precious metals as the means to print money, have found a better way of coining it in using house theft and the manipulation of the housing market to ensure property sky rockets and gives crooked banks, judges and lawyers a means to line their pockets. Properties that are sold under the guise of ownership are nothing more than a fancy way of garnering vast sums for putting a roof over the heads of dupes and at some later point dragging them into their dens of iniquity courts to thieve them back. For any man who has seen the ease with which the system can take control of the house you thought you once OWNED they are in no doubt this is the biggest money spinning racket on the planet.

Men globally are paying $/ trillions towards dodgy mortgage scams only to find at some point down the line some excuse , mostly divorce, is all these evil bastards need to take back possession. After all who is it that holds the deeds for the house you thought you owned?

Who writes the legislation to give them the excuses to steal back your most expensive purchase? Why do you need a LAWYER to buy a home? Why does the global law society hold the total monopoly over the buying and selling of property?

Capitalism is a master plan of the elite who have carved up the world's land then sell small pockets of that land to the unsuspecting public along with a house to enslave the lower orders who will struggle for 25 years + to fund the massive repayments on mortgages orchestrated to syphon maximum capital from the wealth men create through a lifetime of graft. Despite repeated warnings on this matter their continue to be dupes who like lemmings are being led to the edge of the property cliff and there will continue to be men who will throw themselves off that cliff when they find ALL of their investments in property goes up in a puff of smoke.

Until the madness that is associated with house purchase is resolved men will continue to be victims of the fraud and corruption that always transpires from abuse of monopoly powers. The law society is by far the biggest terrorist threat anywhere on the planet.

  • The rampant capitalism that has brought the market into every corner of society needs to be reined in
  • Capitalism consists of turfing peasants off their lands