Captured Audiences

Since the revelations by Ed Snowden that Obama and his henchmen reside over the biggest mass spying campaign ever conducted and like Tony Blair, when he was running Britain into the dust, both of them being lawyers and HENCHMEN for the International mafia the Law society he has continued to put on the fake smile and arranged CAPTURED audiences on numerous occasions. Those audiences consisting of sheeple only to happy to provide the planned reactions to Obama's lies and deceit that 'America can go home nothing to see here' when he condones spying that is a trillion times worse than Richard Nixon who was impeached for bugging a tiny fraction of the phone systems that Obama now tries to justify. Nixon bugged a few dozen phones while Obama bugs the world.

Captured audiences are a constant source of manipulation and the British Royal parasites have been expert at using them with a massive entourage of freemasons and their families all ready to provide the backdrop of drooling adoration at Buckingham Palace at their STAGED events with a media equally drooling over those events. They also use their musical lackeys at regular concerts set up around her mansion and with her merry band of arse kissing knights like Paul McCartney, Elton John and Tom Jones with freeby tickets handed out to the select sheeple only to happy to provide the deference come show time.

All of the despots globally especially in third world junta's have their pack who are provided with incentives to congregate anywhere they need vocal support for their draconian regimes. Obama and the royal parasite use the same mindset to fool the wavering sheeple into believing the country is right behind them when only a tiny fraction are needed to provide the illusion all is well in crooksville USA or the UK.