cop brute The global cop machine is out of control , the stench of freemasonry permeates the hallowed walls of every cop station and precinct across the world but especially in the UK and USA where freemasonry is so heavily embedded in the many arms of state it is impossible to get any form of justice .

Cops regularly beat up victims of their brutality, regularly shoot to kill, regularly taser victims to death, regularly rape victims they are supposed to be helping, regularly turn victims of crime into criminals by how they record crimes, regularly use 'lack of evidence' to ignore the thousands of victims of predatory paedo's like the BBC's Jimmy Savile and regularly assist crooked lawyers, judges and bailiffs to steal men's homes and assets to the tune of billions of dollars. No other lesser crimes come close to the mass thieving of their victims.

When we walk down the street CCTV lackeys are monitoring our every move so its about time cops are forced to provide independent video evidence of all incidents where they make contact with the public especially where they claim to require firearms or tasers to subdue those they claim are committing crimes. Now how these thugs guage what is a crime or not is hard to understand seeing they themselves are the biggest criminals of all. The very powers the public require when in need of assistance just happen to create more criminal activity than anything they would see in a lifetime so we have to start protecting ourselves from the monsters within.

Only a complete overhaul of police departments sacking all cops implicated in any of the above and who are party to the systematic abuse of public office that is aiding and abetting a freemasonic agenda that most of them sign up to during their indoctrination into the mass abuse of law and police powers they should never have any right to throw about with impunity. None of the political or legal mafia are interested in cop brutality as they themselves rely on those same criminal cops to protect their own fraud and corruption. They scratch each others backs to ensure their mutual financial machinations remain intact that feeds the masonic hierarchy.

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