Hypocritical controlled media use Paris shooting to raise the 'freedom of speech' issue
charlie hebdo shooting

The very hypocrites who smear anyone who dares raise the issue of zionist world domination while they push the homosexual agenda claim unitedly that France was targeted over their right as they claim to 'freedom of speech'. These are the SAME rags that have been trying to shut down the internet and every last person that has dared to challenge the agenda they promote as HATE mongers.

By being selective in how they promote FREEDOM OF SPEECH and how journalists have been targeted in France for using FREEDOM OF SPEECH it is a bit rich coming from the oligarch dominated British media to rant on endlessly about democracy and the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. They have consistently backed tyrannical governments determined to shut down any form of dissent that does NOT agree with the zionist / freemason / feminist / homosexual agenda that is being pushed by ALL the mainstream controlled media. The French shooting is being promoted as extremists wanting to shut down any criticism yet the mass media alongside governments have been trying to do the very same thing for decades since the internet has allowed FREEDOM OF SPEECH to flourish without editors and media lawyers interference.

  • Controlled media compare Charlie hebdo to other terror events (ignoring Israeli/America and their warmongering/terrorism)(VIDEO)