Why most stately homes in Britain have a checkered (past) entrance
stately home checkered hallways

Britain's landed gentry are all part of a global freemason mafia who use the law to ensure THEY alone can increase their property portfolio's while the peasants either rely on council sink holes or try buying into property only to find they become short term tenants ready to be kicked out of the homes they thought they purchased but find out they are merely temporary tenants who will be evicted and made homeless once a reasonable amount of equity builds up allowing the house thieves to move in and help themselves.

The landed gentry have their freemason judicial mafia ruling over the courts to ensure they will NEVER find themselves being sued through civil courts that could harm their property holdings and like the royal parasites cannot be TOUCHED as long as freemasons control the law or how the law is manipulated always in favour of the ruling royal parasites and their masonic henchmen. Ex wives of these bastards will find the same thing happens to them as most men not part of their creepy satanic network of abuse.

There are still dupes who believe the myth of the property ladder and while they admire the country lanes with the mansions and opulent surroundings of the of the self appointed dukes, earls and squires they are totally unaware how their land and property is protected while the peasants will ALWAYS, in time, lose their so called estates from the law society terrorists whose main objective is to ensure the vast bulk of Britain's land and property remains in the hands of the few while the rest are properties sold to an unsuspecting public only to find themselves homeless while another dupe is sold the home they thought THEY owned.

Walk around any country estate and you'll see the mark of the devil on many of the entrances to their estates that mark their territory. Just like the masonic monoliths disguised as war memorials and like wild animals used to mark the areas they presently control. Only by men rising up and crushing these evil bastards will a more equal society be created as they will continue their centuries old system of domination until their schemes are fully exposed and the internet is doing a damn good job of waking up the sheeple still in a masonic slumber from victims of their corrupt multi-trillion dollar house theft.

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