Clutha bar: Emergency services a help or a hindrance at cop helicopter crash site?

From eye witness accounts of what has been going on in and around the Clutha vaults in Glasgow after a police helicopter crashed onto the roof around 10.30pm last night it seems , despite praise from the compliant media, council officials, MP's and Uncle Tom Cobley and all , the cops and fire service have not aided but hindered the rescue of anyone trapped inside the pub .

Prior to the police and fire service appearing, a human chain of Glasgow citizens rushed into the danger to drag anyone inside out and away from a potential fire or explosion . However once the cops and fire services appeared, and this is from eye witness accounts, the barriers have gone up and 'HEALTH AND SAFETY' has come into play and despite people still inside and yet to be rescued none of the rescue services have made any serious attempt to get any more injured out especially those under or behind the helicopter structure.

The days when BRAVE individuals could risk their own lives to save others has been overtaken by the utter bureaucracy that sees well paid rescuers stand by and look at the damage knowing full well people are suffering and dying under the wreckage and while they WAIT to make the area SAFE . A shocking indictment as to how rescue has become more of containing a site rather than rescuing the injured from danger.

Also the political spokespersons dragged on to comment were more interested in praising those who are standing by looking over the scene than anyone who took the initiative to risk their own lives to save others. Also they seem to be making party political speeches that have done nothing to view the scene as a place were victims may be dying while those authorised to take charge clearly have alternate views on what should be a priority. That is certainly not rescuing those trapped under and behind the helicopters structure.

Why has there been NO ATTEMPT at any time to remove the helicopter to get at the people trapped?