Carried along on a wave of sporting lunacy
commonwealth games Today in Scotland the Commonwealth (they are having a laugh) games opens with all the usual fanfare . This has been after the London Olympics, The World Cup , Tour de France and Wimbledon. The poor have been out en masse protesting in Brazil at the outrageous sums being spent on sport while a large proportion of their people live in slums.

It is usually the poorest areas of cities that are CLEARED to make way for much of a sporting events infrastructure as you seldom see the rich's homes being knocked down to cater for sporting events.The BBC are pathologically obsessed with pushing sports and especially when the QUEEN'S baton is being taken to the four corners of the UK and the satanic connotations that whole process entails. The sheeple dragged along on a wave of patriotism for someone they revile but as long as the BBC promote it that must be good for us all.

The English supporters encouraged to sing her praises each time they watch their team playing just like Hitler used football to encourage Germany to show more patriotism to the Nazi cause. Sheeple en masse being led by the nose to show deference through sporting madness. There is nothing wrong with liking sports but becoming obsessed with any game to the point were some of the athletes spend all their hours training to come .00000000000001 second faster that the next guy is bordering on obsessive compulsive disorder. They can't go much faster but by cutting the second up into smaller and smaller sections they can claim new world records .

No child should be encouraged to give up everything to attain the impossible and usually without some sort of drug enhancement that they claim has been eradicated by testing. Anyone who managed to see the Tour de France's section through Yorkshire will have witnessed less than 20 seconds of the riders whizzing past and definitely NOT a spectator sport despite the media ranting endlessly on for months before and for something to pass off so quickly . A massive damp squib of an event and only for TV viewing with cars and helicopters that can keep up with the race.

It is one thing for the ruling elite to have sporting events across the globe it is another for them to justify the mass spending on stadiums that quickly fall into a state of disrepair when those short lived events end . No wonder the peasants of the world are rising up in protest at what their governments are spending on sport while the people bend under austerity. There NEVER seems to be a shortage of money for sports, military or billion+ dollar science white elephants like the ISS and Cerne, but always an excuse to keep the poor in their place.

The media are behind the mass brainwashing of the sheeple in their never ending fervour for ever more sporting events that are easy ways of them producing programs that don't take much more than pointing the camera in the right direction. Much less bother than to actually create from scratch interesting programs that are more than just watching a ball passed around the screen for hours on end. Technology offers much more today than the tedium of sports that never really had much going for them in the first place other than a good excuse for the state to push the patriotic fervour that still to this day is a propaganda tool for the ruling political self appointed elite. Many of the British events have a finish line not far from the doors of Buckingham Palace now there's a coincidence? Maybe the next time Britain wants to waste billions on staging a major sporting event they should knock down Buckingham Palace and Windsor castle to make way for the new venues instead of flattening the peasants homes?

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