Court of Protection used by corrupt judges, lawyers, social workers to assets strip the elderly
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 09:24:13 +0100
To:; et al
Subject: Court of Protection

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am writing to you in your role as members of the Justice Select Committee to provide you with information for use in your forthcoming discussion on the Court of Protection. Recently, I made a submission to the House of Lords Committee reviewing the Mental Health Act. As a result of the evidence given to this Committee, Lord Hardie commented,
"We were very concerned by what we heard about the safeguards. The evidence suggests that tens of thousands of people are being deprived of their liberty without the protection of the law, and without the protection that Parliament intended. Worse still, in some cases the safeguards are being wilfully used to oppress individuals and to force decisions upon them."

What that means in plain English is that the Court of Protection is being used by corrupt judges, lawyers, social workers and family members to asset strip the elderly and to then lock them up in homes against their will. I am sure you have all read about the horrifying treatment these elderly prisoners are receiving, with the case of the Maddox family being one small example.

One then only has to add the "care pathway" to the equation to produce a picture of the potential of the genocide of "tens of thousands of people" to facilitate unlawfully seizing their assets. How could that be possible in a democracy like Britain, you may well be asking? In secret courts, with gagging orders and with the imprisonment of "whistle-blowers" for contempt of court, perhaps? Does that not all sound chillingly familiar?

Is the Court of Protection being used as a vehicle for the mass genocide of the elderly and asset-stripping the vulnerable of billions of pounds? Until one is a victim, one finds such a construction impossible to believe. My elderly mother Barbara Hofschröer, now 85 years-old and wheelchair bound, became uncomfortably close to being one of the "tens of thousands". I was working abroad. The family members supposedly caring for her work for York Social Services. My instincts told me matters were not right and I rushed back to Britain in the nick of time. That was six years ago. Since then, my mother and I have been on the run, moving from refuge to refuge in one country after another evading Interpol warrants.

The criminal gang intent on defraud her of her assets includes not only York Social Services, but also chief officers of North Yorkshire Police, senior government officials and politicians of all parties. We have managed to delay the process of the authorities from unlawfully seizing our assets, but are fully aware of what will happen to us the instant we are found. My mother's name is on a place reserved for her on the "care pathway", while I have been declared "mentally incapacitated" without ever having been examined by a psychiatrist. The reason given is that as I have made up this story - which has been raised in Parliament on numerous occasions and has been covered both in the press and on TV - and, as such, I am "incurably paranoid".

Despite the fact that Lord Maginnis of Drumglass has raised our case in the House on several occasions, the government has not acted to safeguard my mother. The massive file of evidence meticulously accumulated over these years by a professional fraud investigator working on this case sits on the desk of the Prime Minister gathering dust. The Home Secretary denies she has the powers to deal with police corruption, when she does, while successive justice secretaries have evaded dealing with the case. The evidence supporting these allegations can be see on the links at the end of this submission and in the attachments.

Thanks to our timely departure from our home in Britain, my mother and I have managed to escape the worst excesses of the Court of Protection. We still have our lives and liberty, though our liberty is very restricted. We are tentatively managing to hang on to title to our assets, though in view of my mother's advancing years, the chances of fulfilling her wish to spend her last years in peace and safety in her own home and to die there are diminishing by the day. Before all this affair started, I did obtain powers of attorney for my mother through the Court of Protection. Her abusers have made and are continuing to make considerable efforts to have them taken away from me for whatever bogus reason they can think of. To date, they have not been successful, but we are resigned to it only being a matter of time before the Court of Protection accedes to their unlawful demands.

However, the fraud investigator has established that the Office of the Public Guardian is party to the organised frauds going on. We know that York Social Services, North Yorkshire Police and the Office of the Public Guardian conspired to have my powers of attorney removed and given to the family members intent on defrauding her. Furthermore, the Office of the Public Guardian is refusing to comply with the Data Protection Act and give us sight of documents we believe to be incriminating.

We have sufficient evidence to warrant the arrest of the former chief executive Martin John for his role in the attempted defrauding of my mother of her assets. The previous Justice Secretary refused to meet with Lord Maginnis to discuss the case, while the current Justice Secretary does not respond to correspondence asking for his intervention. We appear to be in the realms of serious, organised crime here in which the state is targeting the generation that bought their council houses, seizing their assets, bumping them off and dividing up the spoils between judges, lawyers, politicians and officials. I do hope this causes you as much concern as it does me. My suggestion to Lord Hardie was that,

"Would you not agree that an international commission needs to be set up, also as quickly as possible, to oversee the end of these massive, state-organised violations of Human Rights, that the assets fraudulently seized by the state and is employees should be returned forthwith to their rightful owners and that the perpetrators of these serious crimes should be arrested by an international organisation as soon as is feasible?"

I do hope as members of the Justice Select Committee, you would also give this proposal serious consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Peter Hofschröer
Lord Maginnis in Parliament:

“The Hofschroer case has been on my desk for several years now. A widow in her 80s was dispossessed of her home in a way that implies collusion between certain family members and the Social Services. A son who has come to the rescue has been harried by the North Yorkshire police (that particularly dubious constabulary merits careful investigation) to the extent that he and his aged mother have been pursued through an Interpol warrant to their “refuge” in Austria. “Does anyone in authority care that social services and police in North Yorkshire have conspired in the persecution of Mrs Hofschroer and her son? Are details of dismissals, forced retirements and other shady and costly measures pertaining to North Yorkshire Police available to legislators in Parliament? “

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