American public no longer trust the cops who don't protect
Its not just the mass of black Americans who do not trust American police tactics of shoot first ask questions later but the country as a whole has become increasingly uneasy that supposed protectors of the law are in fact protecting the rich from the monolithic inequality that is eating at the very heart of America.

When a majority white police force can , with impunity, assassinate a growing number of black victims of their extreme barbaric attacks, that is a licence for anarchy and no amount of oppression of those who have suffered most under austerity will stop civil unrest that may in time lead to civil war breaking out across America.

Despite what the mass media propaganda pump out there is no shortage of money to resolve ingrained inequality. The millionaire yanks who have turned into billionaires on the back of austerity have, thanks to Obama and past presidencies, allowed a massive chasm to open up separating the rich and poor and were cops have been used to keep the tide of dissent and anger down through brute force.

America, and the zionist leaning mob running the system for their own self enrichment, may trigger so much unrest martial law will be imposed to try and hold back the wave of anger that resides in the ghetto's that have increasingly been alienated from the wealth of America now tied up in the hands of the very few at the enormous expense of the majority.