The British royal mafia are rich , much richer than any newspaper would have us believe, much richer than every single rich list that always ensures SHE comes well below the top 20 and for good reason. If the peasants knew exactly how much wealth she controls globally via her masonic henchmen the royals would have been gone a long time ago.

When , at the last count, she was identified as the owner of over 1/6 of the worlds land mass that is wealth stretching into the trillions yet seldom if ever appearing on any records available to the public. So how could a single individual and her forefathers accumulate so much wealth? Tyranny is alive and well in the UK with those EVIL crown powers having arms that encompass the globe with a despotism that allows her to control vast networks of wealth and power via the evil tentacles of freemasonry instigated by her henchman at UGLE the Duke of Kent.

So in the UK men are persecuted into an early grave and fleeced of their life's work in the following ways.

1.At the very top of the list are Herr Majesty's judicial mafia

Any man who has been through these evil dens of iniquity will know the powers these bastards have given themselves and who are hand picked by the royal parasite herself. A solitary masonic judicial signature is enough to remove any man from his livelihood, home, business and especially his children. Divorce is the biggest racket on the planet by far and the Queens wealth directly relates to how many properties her judicial henchmen can steal using the most vile psychological persecution that these scum are expert at manufacturing. In fact any form of legal matter a man finds himself dragged into will likely lead to lose of all accumulated wealth with bankruptcy , homelessness and destitution.

2 Herr Majesty's Tax henchmen

The second biggest threat to men are the royal parasites tax henchmen. If you have been a slave to one of her masonic employers you will have had your tax taken at source before you even get near your salary and will only cross paths with these henchmen if other issues arise from the legal battles above. One ploy divorce lawyers use is to have men investigated for tax evasion if they DARE to fight back against the judicial mafia and their lackeys the lawyers who provide the ammunition via ex wives to fleece men dry.

However if you are SELF employed, and we know of many cases, were the taxman out of the blue will target a victim for supposed tax avoidance hit them with a massive bill then bankrupt them leaving them homeless and penniless . This is another way to strip a man bare and with little or no recourse when her judges will ensure any legal action taken against HMRC will end up in the bin as they all work in collusion to destroy men not part of their satanic cult.

3. The Department of Works and Pensions henchmen

The third most important arm of the royals murdering agenda comes when men find themselves without a job or become ill. This is when the real psychological games kick in as these men are seen as a drain on the Crowns asset stripping . Men assume paying their taxes and national insurance would cover them in these difficult situations but they will soon find a mass of legal forms and bureaucracy will stand in their way including intrusion into every aspect of their life . Any error in claims will lead to immediate removal of assistance and homelessness and destitution are assured for not providing the necessary assets to prop up the crown's coffers and the thousands of masonic lackeys who share in the spoils.

Men will also find the judicial mafia will trigger DWP investigations if they are facing legal battles especially in divorce. A very sinister, devious and dangerous system that is supposed to be a safety net but maybe one of the biggest killers when these forces kick in.

4. Masonic run councils and powers

Councils and the devious councillors who control their illegal powers are another sinister arm of the crowns persecution network. They will demand endless personal information about men including bank accounts and where all the assets of their family have accumulated then creating, out of thin air, despicable demands that can kick in any time but especially during divorce when another arm of the state bully boys will find various ways to persecute . Council social services are expert at providing the dodgy reports that ensure men are stripped of their children and their homes and will also face investigations for the slightest error in council forms and any council laws and rules, then abuse men with impunity including demands for council tax they claim haven't been paid.

If you have ever had a council demand for parking enforcement you will see the lengths these evil bastards and their bailiff henchmen will go to recover moneys that accumulate to the point were they can steal men's properties to recover debts they claim are owed in outstanding fines. Regular visits by council bailiffs will add to the pressure while you might be fighting for your life in their courts.

These are only some of the main areas were men are being destroyed because those who work for the system ALL act for and on behalf of the royal parasite herself who has vast arsenals of weapons to protect her palatial mansions and castles while men are left undefended to battle the forces she heads that provide the necessary transference of wealth and power from decent men to the scum and filth that act to prop up the long term wealth and power of the biggest despot on the planet. There are a myriad of other SCHEMES including the financial system where her lackeys controlling the Bank of England flourish and who create the necessary fluctuations in interest rates and dodgy mortgage scams that undermine men's ability to hold on to property. The political lackeys have to swear loyalty to the royal parasite before any other citizen and makes them unable to provide the political legislation that would protect men from these outrageous abuses of power.

So many men have died and will die in the future unless these evil bastards are overthrown and a new system is put in place to protect the rights of men being hounded into an early grave on the back of a ruthless murdering royalist Crown.

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