cyprus bank ROBBERY Well here we go on the next stage in the mass theft of men's assets with the EU conspiring with the Cyprus government to seize money and freeze bank accounts of everyone now targeted to bail out the Cypriot banks to stop them from melt down, or that is the excuse being used for the mass plundering of victims savings.

This organisation has been sending out warnings for well over ten years about the sinister creeping fraud and corruption that started in family courts in secret trials that saw MEN en masse being destroyed while their lives are picked apart and their money in bank accounts seized by thieving judges and lawyers acting for a criminal cartel disguised as a global law society.

Clinton, Obama and Blair apart from being political leaders, are also lawyers as was the lesser known Donald Dewar who wrote Scotlands devolved assembly rules and who also happened to be a lawyer politician. Noticeable they all come from the supposed left leaning political parties? Now these evil bastards are NOT there to protect the citizens of their countries but as a conduit to siphon money into the coffers of the legal mafia and the crown they work for and on behalf of.

The EU is just a much bigger assembly of these crooked bastards who , like British judges, are now making the rules up as they go along. So they have decided that to protect the Cyprus elite and their banking buddies every ordinary citizen's account should be rifled and used to prop up the supposed failing banks. Now we are getting to a point were the tyranny of the global elite makes it much more important that men start to make serious plans to finally bring to a head a battle that has been, for far to long, simmering with endless articles and exposures of this global criminal cartel who quite literally have been getting away with murder.There are many decent men now no longer with us thanks to their tyranny and psychological torture and persecution.

We have been warning for a very long time that anyone who hoards money in a bank account anywhere across the global is basically risking losing everything. If you can't trust your best pal with your life savings why would you trust a gang of strangers with a reckless reputation for abusing savers cash? They take your wealth and give you a piece of plastic, supposedly for security and then, as has been shown in Cyprus, they can block those bits of plastic and your left with the coppers in your pocket and for Cypriots the strong possibility of their cash being lost to the scum and filth now abusing the very systems they put in place to give them maximum control over everyone's estate. Men who have faced divorce have known for a long time the powers that be are not to be trusted and have also known banks have been aiding and abetting the mass fleecing of their bank accounts who have colluded with lawyers and the courts to freeze trillions of mens assets, properties and business's for their own self enrichment . They are all eating out of the same enormous trough .

If the Cyprus bank massacre is not a wake up call for men with their heads buried in the sand then what will it take to waken them from the masonic slumber that has provided the cover for the crooks to help themselves using every dirty trick in the book.

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