Britain's dark forces
Any divorcing man (except those part of their satanic cult) will confirm that Britain is being ruled over by dark nefarious forces. Not only have these vile bastards been seizing mens assets and properties for their own self enrichment but they have been stealing men's children, under the guise that they are being protected from domestic violence and abuse , and placing them into homes to satisfy the vile sexual appetites of homopaedo MP's like Cyril Smith and BBC presenters like Jimmy Savile. In the dim and distant past it was only necessary for them to prove one of their lackeys was homosexual to keep them blackmailable but now it requires those with homopaedo tendencies to ensure they follow the agenda of the ruling royal elite.

The loyal lord lieutenant of the Queen bee the Duke of Kunt ensures the abusers with the vilest of tendencies are protected as long as they follow the agenda. Savile brainwashed the sheeple with endless rantings about the royals on his numerous BBC shows and did such a good job he was knighted despite them well aware of his decades long appetite for children. Cyril Smith, another knighted goffer, was an ardent supporter of the ruling elite and despite regular reports of his abuse, freemason cops and crown prosecutors took no action, neither did his own party the Liberal's at the time or indeed any other political party , and the very same gangsters that protected freemason Jimmy Savile turned a blind eye to Smith's appalling crimes.

Despite our own group and others exposing this agenda decades ago it is only now that the gutter press have finally succumbed to the pressure from victims with an internet platform that the media themselves have been protecting for so very long and only due to the diligence that has shown the utter hypocrisy of a system that feeds the most extreme perversions of the evil bastards who serve their dark forces. NO ONE 20 years ago would believe that this is what was going on and only now after the gutter press come on board are some of the sheeple finally waking up to those sinister dark forces.

The latest guff from the legal mafia today is that they are once again changing the family court structure as if that will make any difference. It isn't the odd bad apple that is behind this tyranny but the barrel is full of rotting apples. As long as there are billions to be made from stripping men they will continue to use divorce as a weapon to weaken those not part of their sinister network of power and continue to provide vulnerable children to their psychotic thugs in state homes the length and breadth of the UK.

  • New Family Court comes into being amid justice reforms (The trillion dollar divorce racketeering won't change only the suggestion of change)
  • Custody battle father's 86,000 payout after social worker falsely accused him of abusing his daughter
  • Law students to be drafted in to help resolve divorce cases in shake-up of family justice system (The law society will have someone to blame for their enormous racket)
  • Family judge 'cannot control foreign media' (but they are CONTROLLING the British gutter press)
  • Cyril Smith inquiry a 'whitewash': Rochdale Council probe into abuse at Knowl View 'is wrong as they should have prevented it', says MP who exposed the scandal
  • The law society lackeys that protected BBC paedo Jimmy Savile now want to fleece his massive estate under the guise its for his victims