The 2 combatants: Senator Rodney Norman Culleton and Chief Justice Robert Shenton French:

by John Wilson

Senator Rodney Norman Culleton is the People’s Champion to defeat the seemingly invincible Goliath of the Banksters and his sling-shot is the rock of Trial by Jury. The battle field is the High Court. The Biblical comparisons are all there and the enemy has read the script. Rodney knows it, too.

He knows that only Trial by Jury can bring down the towering Colossus of Evil. This is why these modern-day Philistines are trying frantically to strip Rodney of his Common Law Right to Trial by Jury. The Banksters have figured that the courts and the parliaments are theirs and are gloating in anticipation.

And so, the stage is set. On Monday in the High Court, Chief Justice Robert Shelton French said Rodney Culleton (our SuperSenator) would be facing a “Full Court” to defend himself from being “disqualified” from Parliament, i.e.: 7 of what he called “an unelected Aristocracy” whom he has targeted with the Banks in, for example, his maiden speech to the Senate on 12 November 2016.

Is this not funny? Oh, yes! These characters actually think that the Australian people will swallow such an absurdity. Rodney has become the highest profiled crusader for justice condemning “a reign of terror for which only physical violence or the threat of it, and the good common sense of Swat Teams and Police called upon to commit proxy violence in the name of Banks, Financiers and non compliant Courts, created by the States of Australia on any individual or family or corporation that dared to make a Political protest causing suicides family breakups, destruction of the family unit, and immense heartbreak to thousands of committed hard working Australians”(from his Submission to the High Court). Senator Culleton is demanding his common law right to trial by jury, for obvious reasons.

In fact, it is the very denial of the right to trial by jury over that alleged “larceny” of a $7-50 key that renders any so-called “conviction” to be “not be drawn hereafter into consequence or example” (Petition of Right 1627) and “illegall and void” (Bill of Rights 1688). Denying the right to trial by jury is most definitely Treason – being “an act intent on overthrowing the sovereignty of the people”. And yet, this has been happening in every court throughout the Commonwealth of Australia.

“His Honour Chief Justice” Robert Shenton French is determined to crush Senator Rodney Norman Culleton in that STAR CHAMBER court in Canberra.

Good luck, Rod. So help us God.

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