Here is what the deluded tory scum and filth think is some sort of recovery
They have destroyed millions of jobs and replaced some of them with zero hours, part time and slave labour.

They have murdered the sick and disabled using their assassins ATOS and DWP. The money saved has been given to their rich backers in the city of London where they are spending millions on luxury properties leaving millions of ordinary Londoners to struggle, with the poorest being ethnically cleansed out of the city to satisfy the devious agenda of the tory mafia.

For those who kept their jobs they have made their life so much more difficult with new technology that allows draconian bosses to monitor their employees every move and everything they write and say . Those bosses have failed to increase salaries to keep up with inflation with millions getting no rise during the whole life of the parliament leaving them destitute and who need to use food banks to survive. These are the same bastards who fund the tory third reich during election time

They have ensured anyone dependent on the state for a pittance of handouts are forced into draconian tests that psychologically torture the mentally ill who either end up homeless or dead and pensioners who cannot heat their homes. Thousands have died in winter conditions because of lack of money.

Within the care system and in the NHS the elderly have been viciously abused to the point of death with a lack of food, water and heat that has ensured thousands of the most infirm have had their lives brought to an earlier end through neglect.

Thousands of fathers continue to be robbed of their property, assets and children with many placed in care homes for the establishment paedo's to get access to vulnerable children. Many of those fathers have committed suicide after being pushed to the edge by the psychological torture meted out by Britain's judicial and legal mafia.

Yes Britain is a very different place after four years of tory mob rule but the right wing gutter press would have us believe they are miracle workers and heroes despite all of the above reasons and NOT the evil murdering fascist bastards that they really are.