The Philpott case and the deaths of six children have set the rottweilers loose in the tory hierarchy and the media barons who adopt the same fascist attitude when trying to justify the mass exploitation and abuse of those least able to defend themselves.

Vile tory henchman Osborne wades in using Philpott as an excuse for his mass extortion of everyone earning less than 25,000 or who happen to rely on the pittance from a draconian welfare system. All of this a major distraction from the fact that under the tories 1000's have died thanks to draconian cuts to the welfare state while making the excuse that, as one psychotic bastard killed his six children despite the mason judge keeping his long criminal history from the jury, he is a prime candidate for the wrath of the evil bastards who have killed far more victims through their use of murdering henchmen ATOS and the DWP totally controlled by freemasons. Was Philpott a freemason who was being protected by a masonic judge but later raised as an excuse for the murderous tories to use as ammunition for the continued attack on the peasants?

Even the BBC continually bring up stats and polls , all of them created by the establishment , to justify the WAR on the peasants while their rich backers are being given billions in tax hand outs and that is despite the fact that they hardly pay any tax thanks to the rich having a separate tax regime than the peasants with money flowing into offshore bank accounts across the globe but especially in to the likes of the Cayman Islands where they are virtually controlled by the freemason hierarchy and where money plundered from the peasants ends up.

We are seeing a vicious venomous attack by extreme right wing fascist thugs determined to turn the UK back into a third world ghetto while the ultra rich, who control the agenda and who fund the tories, swan around exotic locations on their billion dollar yachts pulling all the strings . Meantime the Eton groomed public school twats are spinning yarns to distract the sheeple away from the criminal cartel seizing more and more wealth while pointing fingers with all their media propagandists at the Philpott's of this world claiming it is only those from the lower orders that instigate crime and murder when those crimes pale next to the murderous scum and filth that have taken over control of all our lives through an equally filthy democracy.