Divorce terrorism
The lawyer controlled mass media rants endlessly about every conceivable terrorist threat or what they perceive as a threat across the planet. But the stats prove that those supposed terrorist threats have a .000000000000000000000001% chance of impacting on men's lives. However the very legal terrorists that control terrorist type propaganda have a more than 99.999999999999999999999% chance of destroying mens lives yet virtually nothing of that threat appears in their controlled media.

They rant that men are more likely to be affected by their pseudo terrorism when much of what is promoted is actually a middle east uprising against the zionist / masonic hold that threatens men across that region as it has done for decades across the West. Middle eastern men see the damage being done to western men on the back of a feminist agenda with the zionist / freemason mafia conjuring up laws supposedly to protect women when it is to line their pockets from the destruction of men's lives using ex wives as the incentive and excuse for their vast criminality .

When Bush and Blair triggered chaos across the Middle East for their zionist backers lawyer Blair was ranting about domestic violence and how it affected women in Britain yet despite his concern for those women was happy to help warmongering Bush drop bombs across Iraq killing thousands of women and children. So the hypocritical bastards that use the law to line their pockets on the back of feminism ignore feminism when they want to blow up a country for its resources and to further the zionist / masonic plans to destroy men in the very areas they claim terrorism operates but NOT their own form of terrorism in the regions that either except their agenda or be destroyed. One look across the Middle east shows the punishment they mete out for resisting the zionist / masonic plans to control men not part of their satanic cult.


  • Red Feminism: Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation