Don't get on a plane with a pilot whose wife is divorcing him
We have spent decades exposing the legal mafia's brutal assault on men during divorce. Many of those men no longer here due to them being unable to face the rigors of financial destitution meted out on decent fathers whose only crime was to marry a golddigging witch with a crooked lawyer in tow determined to wipe them out.

However the death of 150 in the Germanwings crash into the alps only now focuses in on the effect depression has on men with the heavy responsibilities that come with flying a passenger jet. Despite the years of depression Andreas Lubitz was coping with what finally ended his life was his separation from his girlfriend who the media has claimed is pregnant with his child and the repercussions for his finances when the lawyers begin their claims, if they haven't already, for her support.

Psychologists interviewed about the possible effects of depression on a pilot have clearly stated any pilot can be perfect one day and the next, due to serious difficulties in their life but especially divorce, can push them into a fast downward spiral and ultimately become suicidal far faster than it took Lubitz to fly the plane into the mountain. The global law society terrorists who are behind these illegal divorce scenarios may have much more on their bloody hands than just the men who quietly die without any exposures in the media they control. It is only when one as extreme as the loss of 150 lives does the whole matter of just what they are doing to men raises the spectre that it wont be a one off as long as they fail to address their legal scams during divorce and the potential for many more planes, trains and other forms of transport to crash killing the passengers unaware of the triggers that could lead to their own demise.

This is global tyranny only now being exposed thanks to a major airline crashing and addressing how depression can not only affect an individual but those that surround him in his working environment and that EVERYTHING should be done to resolve the potential repercussions of the law society terrorists continuing to get away with murder. There is no difference between a terrorist crashing a plane or a man driven to suicide by legal pressures as the losses are just as immense.

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