Here is the very bastard that engineers the theft of ALL our lives
hitler duke of kent


While the ruling mafia use terrorism as the excuse to spy , or in effect stealing our lives and our private and personal thoughts the very bastard behind every last one of those thefts and a terrorist threat in its own right is the Dukey Kunt. He controls the 5 million+ strong terrorist gang of freemasons who head ALL the spy agencies across the globe that are monitoring our every thought , word and deed under the guise its in our best interests.

This creepy satanic bastard acts on the orders of the richest despot on the planet . No one else across the globe has more power thanks to her satanic coven of lackeys who have sold their soul to her monstrous despotic regime to get a place at the trough of masonic madness and the hope of a step up the ladder of evil that promotes them WELL above of their station as can be seen by the psychopathic lunatics positioned in every key area of government , law and policing. We have a bunch of nutcases who are trying to justify the vast theft of our private data for their own self enrichment and to prop up the most wicked murderous despotic regime that has ever existed and the biggest terrorist mafia that has ever reigned with an iron fist right across the planet.

Freemasonry is the evil that binds all of the sick and sinister plots that are being masterminded daily to give them the excuse for ever more control . Creating the problems that then allows the mass exploitation of the sheeple who are struggling to waken from the hypnotic slumber these evil bastards and their controlled media have duped billions into for way to long. There is growing dissent across the planet and in every nation larger and larger groups are uniting against an evil force that is so arrogant in its plans it imagines in its insanity that it will continue ad infinitum. But their failure to harness and control the new technology is their downfall and now their ivory towers are sitting on shaky ground as their diabolical plans unfold thanks to the likes of Ed Snowden more and more of those plans are being exposed like never before .

We cannot let this monster provide the legal framework to persecute those who stand up and warn us exactly about what we have known for a very long time that we are being herded like sheeple into an enormous pen for the pleasure and opulent lifestyle of the few with their masonic herdsmen the satanic force that is stopping the vast majority of the world's population from breaking free.

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